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Ted Browning moves back to his rural hometown of Logan, West Virginia, after learning his grandmother is dying of cancer. When he hears talk of Mothman sightings from miners at Bear Creek Coal Company he simply doesn't believe it . . . until a series of events puts him in direct confrontation with the evil winged creature. Ted is forced to face his inner demons in order to protect the very loved ones he's kept at a distance for twenty years . . . and to let go of a tragic past that is drawing him like a moth to the flame.

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What others are saying about Return of the Mothman:


"Michael Knost's Return of the Mothman takes exquisitely-drawn, grittily realistic blue collar characters and sends them on a cinematic thrill ride of horror. I loved it. It adds a grand chapter to the lore of the Mothman."

Steve Rasnic Tem


"With Return of the Mothman, Michael Knost manages to effortlessly fuse the gritty, day-to- day existence of blue-collar life with the expansive history of myth to create a superb story that is both grounded in harsh reality yet enmeshed in cosmological mystery. A writer and novel after my own heart. Don't you dare miss this!"

Gary A. Braunbeck


"With Return of the Mothman, Michael Knost breathes a fresh vitality and an unsettling aura of frightfulness into the Mothman legend. Knost's crisp narrative and ability to chill to the marrow of the bone makes for a fascinating and dread-inducing read. My favorite novel of the year!"

Ronald Kelly


"Return of the Mothman is not just a damn fine horror novel. It's a damn fine novel – period. Deftly drawn characters, riveting suspense, and a legendary monster add up to one of the best horror novels I've read in years.

A thrilling mix of folklore, horror, and strong characters that reminded me of Stephen King in his prime. 

Don't miss it!"

Tim Waggoner


"Michael Knost does what the best writers of horror fiction do – he makes the terrifyingly impossible possible. He grabs hold of the supernatural and shoves it in our faces, leaving us gasping and screaming. I’d never read about the Mothman before. Now I'll think twice, three times, or more, before venturing into the wilds of West Virginia."

Elizabeth Massie


“A creepy, thoroughly absorbing tale with memorable characters and a true sense of menace!”

Jeff Strand


"Michael Knost's Return of the Mothman is great storytelling, plain and simple. Told with the knuckle-biting pace of a crime thriller, but informed with a folklorist's ear for dialogue and sense of place, this slim little volume is a first rate example of modern American Horror. Horror is an important legacy of our past, and just as vital in understanding the way we live today. Knost understands that connection, and this story of one man's homecoming and the demons that he faces will leave you convinced of the importance of his work. Return of the Mothman is a real human story, told with heart stopping action and a love of the land and more than a little bit of blood. Knost is a treasure for cataloging the folklore of the Appalachian region, and for the horror he so lovingly doles out for readers everywhere. Great stuff!"

– Joe McKinney

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